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Get STarted! Session: Two Hours $245


Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • Are you worried about your debt? I can help you decide which method to use to pay off your debt. There are different options and you choose the payoff method to match YOUR personality.

  • Are  you "bad" with money? You will be empowered to make better financial decisions as you create your spending plan. 

  • Are you ashamed because you do not know what your financial situation is, and you are afraid to find out?  I will help you face the facts. You may be in better shape than you think!

  • Are  you embarrassed because you do not know how to make a budget (aka spending plan - budget sounds painful!)? Everyone is different. Some people love a ton of detail and others prefer a very simple plan. We will work together to create a spending plan based on YOUR needs.

  • Are you starting over after a divorce and need to gain a clear picture of where your money is going? I will guide you as gain clarity and make choices in your new path.

  • Do you feel that you will be judged if you share your true financial picture? You will be accepted exactly where you are in your financial journey. 

Just imagine the difference that creating your spending plan will make in your life:


For the price of a dinner and a concert, I will provide professional and confidential guidance as we will create a spending plan which puts you in control of your money.

Are you ready to get started?

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I will send you a detailed questionnaire and a financial worksheet to complete prior to our meeting. This allows us to make the best use of our time together! The fee you pay includes the time I spend reviewing the information sent in advance of our meeting.  I will send you the finalized spending plan (aka budget) we worked on during our meeting. You can choose to use the spending plan to move forward on your own or select a follow-up coaching package. All communications are confidential.


Get Started! Client Comments



"Gained a great deal of knowledge regarding my own financial situation as well as implementing new practices to improve my finances."   E.W. 


 "Clearer. More focused. Have a plan."   A.N.

"More informed"   D.K. 

"More on track"   T.L.


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