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"Laura is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to money management and improving one's skills and outcomes. A wealth of knowledge and a unique sense of humor combine for a remarkable experience in money coaching. I highly recommend her!"

                             - Amy Jo Lauber

"Laura knows her stuff when it comes to money and budgeting! She is friendly and honest! She would love to coach you through finding a budget that meets your needs! She is very passionate about this work! Give her a call!"

                            -Lisa Harrington Sutton

"I have just begun to work with Laura and am a really excited. After our first intro session I felt so relieved and so much clearer about my financial status. She was quick to point out the pluses and focus on action steps - no judgement, only encouragement. I am looking forward to finally taking charge of my finances and know that I will benefit immensely from Laura’s clarity, compassion and knowledge."

                                 - Anne Nayor

"Not only is Laura smart and passionate about personal finance, she is trustworthy. I highly recommend her."

                              -Karen Golba

"Laura is a very smart and loving person that I’m sure you will be happy with her service. Don’t hesitate to give her a call or drop her a email."

                           - Shirley LeBarron

"I have known Laura Lonie for more than 20 years. She is a Past President of an accounting group that I am also quite active in. She brings knowledge, expertise & passion to everything that she does. I would highly recommend her."

                                - Lisa Faturos